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Indian education system has undergone dramatic changes in the recent past years, and VistaMind has always been receptive to change so that our students are ahead in terms of preparation and skills. VistaMind motivate our students to be optimistic and boost their confidence with exposure by providing regular seminars and media events.

VistaMind CEO - Mr. ARKS Srinivas ,conducts CAT 6 Months Strategy seminar in its Lucknow branch and gives preparation tips to our students.


VistaMind opens its 4th centre in the city at Hazratganj

The 4th centre of VistaMind in the city of Lucknow was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Mayor of Lucknow, Dr. Dinesh Sharma and BJP Vice-President Shri Kalraj Mishra.


VistaMind CAT 13 - 6 Months Strategy