B-School Ranking 2016

National Ranking

Like last year, we have graded the institutes using the below given parameters:

  • Placements
  • Quality of Faculty
  • Location of Institute
  • Quality of Students
  • Infrastructure
  • Return on Investment

These rankings are for full time 2 year management programs and we have not considered institutes/programs which are of 12 or 18 months and come under Executive programs category for which work experience is mandatory.

While placement should not be the sole criterion for selecting any institute, we have found that placement figures (provided they are authentic) are the best yardstick to measure the quality of any institute. This is for the simple reason that prospective companies are provided with all the information about the college, students and its resources and the companies do a grading/ranking on the basis of this information, which is normally not provided to media and institutes like us despite repeated requests. Hence, placement figures are a direct indication of the quality of an institute based on all the factors.

One board trend that is very visible is that demand for management courses is not price inelastic and students have become price conscious. With the economy not in any great shape for the last few years, students have shown clear preference for value for money institutes and this has emerged as a key criterion. This has led to better students joining these institutes and eventually, as the institute is as good as its students are, the institutes have also moved up in their rankings. This is clearly evident in cases of FMS, FMS BHU, JBIMS, SRCC-GBO, MFC, MIB & MHROD programs of DU and many such institutes.

Please note that the institutes have been graded and NOT ranked. All institutes in the same grade are similar in terms of quality of education and placements and have been listed in alphabetical order. Students may choose institutes within the same category based on fee levels, preference for location, specializations offered and other non-critical parameters.

Also we found it difficult to put a fixed number of institutes in each category and hence based on their similarity, we have made groups and though you may find them to be of variable se, the institutes in each grade are very similar in terms of quality, placements and ease/difficulty of admission.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, the flagship program of the institute has been considered for grading. The location of the institute is also clearly mentioned. Other programs & locations may not be eligible for the same grading.


No. of Institutes


Top 10


World class, Ivy league, 100% placements, average salary of 14-16 lacs



Good quality, 100% placements, average salary of 11-14 lacs



Good quality, near 100% placements, average salary of 8.5-11 lacs



Consistent Quality, Good placements, average salary of 7.5-8.5 lacs



Consistent Quality, Good placements, average salary of 6-7.5 lacs



Popular at local level, local placements, average salary of 4-6 lacs

New & Upcoming


Nascent stage (2-5 years old) but strong lineage/background, Average/expected placement of 4-8 lacs




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